Whether you’re a farmer, rancher, or agriculture student, your clothes experience a lot of heavy wear. But by requesting heavy starch and pressing they can stay cleaner for longer. 

What Heavy Starching Does 

Why You Should Request Heavy Starching for Your Clothes

Starch has been a popular tool in garment care since the 1400s. However, most cleaning services outside of agricultural areas use minimal amounts of the plant-based substance when tending to clothes because it makes the fabric stiff. And yet, that same rigidity is ideal for those who work in dirt and mud because it creates a seal in the fibers that moisture and dust can’t penetrate. In addition, it makes clothes easier to iron, so you can maintain a crisp, clean-cut appearance while participating in rigorous physical activity.

How to Keep Your Clothes Looking Like New

By asking our cleaning services to use extra starch when cleaning your clothes, you'll be able to go longer between laundering and years between replacements.